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      Before-sale, While-sale, After-sale Service And Service Promises


      包括 1 、設備樣本; 2 、國內外相關設備新技術支持,相關同行廠家產品優缺點比較; 3 、 GMP 工藝設計,廠房水電布置圖; 4 、機械設備工藝設計; 5 、相關產品配置、備件、包裝及售后服務; 6 、確定設備并分項報價。

      welcome your consultation, organize special technique discussion, discussing clients requirement for the equipment, provide detailed equipment suggestion notebook to you, which includes: 1, stylebook of the equipment; 2, the latest technique of correlative equipments home and abroad, and a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of products from correlative counterparts; 3, GMP craft design, and the distributing chart of workshop's water and electricity; 4, the craft of machine equipment; 5, the deploying, spare part, packing and after service of correlative products, so you can make your ideal choice; 6, confirm the equipment and quote price by subentry.

      1 、時刻與您保持聯系,邀請客戶到公司考察,監督生產裝配。
      2 、備好設備說明書,檔案卡及跟蹤卡等相關軟件,隨時接受您的驗收。
      3 、定期向客戶匯報設備的生產進行情況。

      1, keep contact with you at any time and invite the clients to our company to inspect and supervise the production and installation of equipments;
      2, prepare equipment specification, file card, tracking card and correlative software for you to check and accept at any time;
      3, report the producing information of the equipment to clients regularly.

      •  保修一年,終身服務, 24 小時為您開通售后服務網站、熱線和傳真,國內客戶基本保持24 小時內到達指定地點。
      •  備件庫存長期備足,易損、易耗件及重要配件,保證及時給客戶應答。
      •  對每個客戶定期回訪,每年一次,并記錄好設備檔案記錄。

      After-sale(operate according to the international traditional after-service standard):
      1, one year's maintenance, lifelong service, and 24 hours service through after-service website, hotline and fax, getting to the appointed place 72 hours later.
      2, enough spare parts in warehouse, guaranteeing to provide damageable, exhaustible and important parts to clients at once.
      3, pay a return visit to each client one time once a year and make records for each equipment,

      Product Part: specialty is the key for equipments to become a whole set.


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      維修電話:021-51870016    聯系人:劉軍



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